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Contraption Mini Turbo Reel / early 2014

This is a short motion reel we put together describing our activity at CONTRAPTION from January till the first of June 2014. We are very excited to take things forward and we sum up with some of our highlights from the first part of this year. The best is yet to come! Enjoy!


Durusa Summer Hills 2014 

The specific aspect of Durusa Summer Hills Festival is directly related to it's manifest trough dance, music and visual arts. Also, it concentrates on craft arts, theatre, short and feature film, landscape architecture and most of al, simple playing. 
We've built a few door frames to serve as visually transcedental comunication portals to the universal space. We used mapped projections onto them to create an energic spacetime path between the star configurations above our heads from our geographic point of view, and the dance performer. Bianca was ready to show us her way trough the Cosmos, when suddenly the weather decided to take us by storm.

MUSIC ARTISTS @ Durusa Summer Hills 2014

◖◗ Ben La Desh (NE) ◖◗ Duff Disco ◖◗ Luvless ◖◗ Sleazy Beats Sound System - Kris Percy (DK) 
◖◗ Heion  ◖◗ Thejointventures  ◖◗ Khidja  ◖◗ Danaga  ◖◗ Indjstione  ◖◗ Kek ◖◗ Sebastian Big  ◖◗ Dannilov  ◖◗ Emap  ◖◗ Adeea ◖◗ Medeea  ◖◗ Christu  ◖◗ Ilie ◖◗ Zo  ◖◗ That Couch Funk Collective ◖◗ Bald and Bold  ◖◗ Lucu Chen  ◖◗ Dj Stefan ◖◗ Baba Dochia  ◖◗ Poetrip 


Live Session Vama Noua - La Pescarie

Brigada Artistica Urbana & Bucuresti Jazz Orchestra, Tzuc & Petzi Live set & Javra. I had many awesome experiences with some of these guys during my percussion period, so it's easy to say that we had our perfect "fusion moment" followed by many WOW's from the wonderful public. For me, it was as emotional as always and on top of that, we're talking about Vama Veche. 


Electric Castle 2014 - Silent Disco 

ELECTRIC CASTLE is the first festival in Romania that took electronic dance music and live concert sounds on a castle’s domain. Banffy Castle, the place where the festival is held, is situated near Cluj-Napoca and it’s the biggest castle in Transylvania. Formerly known as the Transylvanian Versailles, the Banffy castle of Bontida is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the Carpathian basin.


"Pair" Interactive multimedia dance performance

"Pair" is an interactive multimedia dance performance which illustrates the subtile story of a soul trapped between light and shadow, confronting its fears and its own imagination in an isolated old attic. We had the pleasure to work with Input Selector Prezinta, a great music composer and beat re-arranger, and one of my oldest and best friends.   


Contraption @ Rendez Vous by Monocord - Times Club - Brasov



"Times" is a club situated in the middle of the Historical Centre of Brasov. It's an old place, which used to be many things before, so people come here to have fun, and the great thing about it's specific is that is very versatile.


Contraption @ "Seara Pe Lac" Party 2014 

Monocord Events is a very ambitious group of people who take party events to the next level. "Seara pe lac" (Night by the lake) gathered around 400 people or more for a night till day party, under the spells of international music producers and Dj's. Contraption spiced up the atmosphere with interactive visuals and particle explosions. People were captured by seeing themselves dancing, vibrating and assembling on the big screen proving again that if a generative triangle is established between the music, dance and visuals, then another dimension of entertainment is added in the mix.

Contraption @ Laborazon maker space opening party

Laborazon is the first maker space in Brasov which has the purpose to support creative minds and in their attempt to build and experiment with technology, art and to innovate in a collaborative medium. It's a space of creation, bricolage and a real idea incubator for creative people wishing to give life to their projects or just to invent stuff or learn new things. 

We were invited at Laborazon maker space inauguration to play with some stuff in order to make people curious about the human-technology relationship. This is how the video projections looked, in a snap. 


"For now I am winter" - Olafur Arnalds feat. Arnor Dan

Inspired by Olafur Arnalds’s music, we decided to move our research a little bit forward into the computer vision field. We recorded the live graphics and their real time interaction with the music. This is the result of our two weeks of work, assembled together into a nice “old school” video with some pretty interesting virtual camera work, visual effects and a beautiful choreography by Bianca Oichea.


Contraption (Impro) - "Hesitation"

Hesitation is a live contemporary dance improvisation piece combined with reactive visuals. This is nothing shorter than a workday at Contraption. Sometimes we record and enjoy these test sessions so much that we want to share them with our friends too. 


Contraption (Impro)- "Extensions"

Extensions is a live contemporary dance improvisation piece combined with reactive visuals. This is nothing shorter than a workday at Contraption. Sometimes we record and enjoy these test sessions so much that we want to share them with our friends too. 


RGB Crazy Interactive projections on dance performer

AEIOU Soft Take is a simulation of real time 3D visuals generated from the body movements of the dancer which are projected back onto the dancer’s silhouette. The sound of the track is controlling the actual colors and shape distortions of the projections. There is also this crazier attend, which I also like as well. 


Hot Casandra Live Visuals - Club Energiea - Bucharest 2013

This is my first live visual performance with Hot Casandra - RO-UK. We used computer vision and real time depth data to generate the visuals being projected on the screen. All effects were done live using virtual camera control, a midi controller  and kinect capture. 


Body Movement Generated Music

This is a little experiment I did for a future performance in which the dancers will control the music with their free body motion. Nothing attached to the body itself, just some simple motion tracking and midi signals. 


"Aveti 45 de minute" - multimedia dance performance - 2010  Video Extracts 

"You have 45 minutes" is a multimedia dance performance which stages the transcendental path between the natural world and the notion virtual space. The subject, a real person looking for a job interview on a multimedia platform is represented trough by the powerful solo performance of Bianca Oichea. The powerful visuals and sounds are almost entirely controlled by wireless reactive sensors attached onto the performer’s body. Also, there was some simple motion tracking involved, so that we could amplify and project some special esthetics over the choreography itself, and also to create a second fictional and virtual character to interact with the dancer in real time. 

Coregraphic concept: Estel Dekermendjian and Bianca Oichea, 

Staging and main performer:  Bianca Oichea

Video concept, sound design and multimedia programing: Robert Erdos

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